Grooming the Troubled Dog


Recently, I had a client who asked me if I would attempt to groom her dog. The dog was elderly (nearly 15 years old) and had behavior issues that were already present when she got the dog three years prior. After two short grooming visits we were able to reasonably get her dog's coat in good condition. During our discussions I realized people are challenged to find someone to help them groom their troubled dog. 

Unfortunately, this situation is now becoming all too common for many people and their dogs. Grooming is one of those processes that should be addressed every day, whether it’s touching your dog’s feet or combing & brushing his coat. These mini sessions each day of 5 to 10 minutes will greatly help your dog adjust to the process with ease. Your dog may not like this process and that’s ok. When you approach grooming with a positive outlook, your dog will be comfortable with whatever must be done. A few key points to remember when looking at the over all process: 

  • Grooming will ensure the health of your dog. 
  • Desensitizing your dog to the process, like going to school for little kids, it’s a part of life.
  • The more you do it, the easier it gets! 
  • Do not wrap your emotions around your dog’s reaction to the process. 

Grooming is the best way to watch and ensure your dog is doing well health wise. Skin issues, sores, foxtails, over grown nails can all contribute to issues with your dog’s ability to function day to day. You’re grooming visits means someone is looking him or her over carefully and letting you know if they see something that might be suspicious. 

It’s never to late to teach your dog to accept and even love the grooming process. If you love it they will too!